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For those who want to learn more about and see the extraordinary benefits from a thought out annual, monthly, and weekly training plans, progressive training blocks with proper recovery periods, and proper nutrition/supplementation manipulation to optimize recovery and to reach your ideal race weight.

We influence all our athletes to train with power-for those who have power meters you will learn how to properly utilize all that it offers you in your training.  In all plans your coach will observe you in many of your competitions and during some training sessions. All plans include power profile analysis.  You will learn to identify your limiters and how to improve upon these.  You will also learn where your strengths lie and how to expose and use them to you advantage.

Guided rides and cycling tours

SD Endurance Sports is now offering guided cycling tours.  Ride with the best and learn from the best.  With Shawn's many years of cycling experience and vast knowledge of the sport he will keep you entertained with exciting stories.  Shawn is a Dana Point local who knows the area, roads, trails, and the best views around.  Don't risk riding with the masses of cars on PCH in Southern California, let Shawn show you the best and safest routes.  SDES has road and mountain bike for hire, prices range from $45-$100 per day.  As an added benefit to the guided rides Shawn can be at your resort with the bikes and do the tour from there if desired.  Rides can be tailored to your liking, ranging from 20 easy miles to 5 hour rides to San Diego or through the Santa Ana Mountains.  If climbing is your thing, we have hills.  Some of the best mountain biking trails in the country are right here in Laguna.  Guided tours range from $150-$300.


  Gold $350/mo

  • Postural analysis to determine postural imbalances, tight muscles, and weak in active muscles
  • Learn your specific corrective exercises to correct any existing imbalances. Then we program the athlete to think "preventative" to counter the repetitive nature of your sport
  • Goal setting with body compositional measurements
  • Performance testing every 6 weeks to determine the athletes areas for opportunity, areas of strength, and to see that our training is producing the desired results
  • Annual, monthly and weekly training plan given to athlete prior to the upcoming year, month, and week
  • Power profile analysis
  • Unlimited emails with questions and updates as to athletes training plan
  • Meet with your twice a month, either at races or for training rides
  • Diet and supplementation plans set up specific for each individual athlete and their goals


*Vo2 Max/RMR testing available *Three month plans paid in full with 10% discount available

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  • I'm absolutely STOKED with the cycling coaching that I'm receiving from SD Endurance Sports! imageColleen M. Read More
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