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2012 Leadville 100 mtb race/Challenged Athlete Foundation

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What an epic day on the bike!

I want to say thank you to everyone who donated to this great cause(Challenged Athletes Foundation). I had the chance to ride with One Arm Willie, who lost his arm years back in an auto accident. He shifts front/rear gears as well as front/rear braking all on the rights side with his right hand. So impressive! I also rode with Jamie who used to be a pro cyclist before losing her right leg due to cancer. Its your support and dollars that makes it possible for these people to compete in events like this.

Here's a race report,

So I arrived in Denver on Tuesday. I drove to Leadville to join my mentor and close, close friend Mick Donoff for the annual Leadvile pre race BBQ. There I met many legends of the Leadville endurance race, old timers who have done the 100 mile run race and the bike race for the past 16 years or more. Ken Chlober and Mary Lee who were the original founders of the race over 30 years ago was also present. Leadville is the highest city in the US sitting at 10,152 ft elevation. The elevation is one major factors in the difficulty of this race. The altitude didn't affect me until the second day as I started to pre ride portions of the course. I rode the first 25% of the course on Wed and the last 25% on Thur. Being so close to race day, both those rides were ill advised by 90% of people I talked to. All I could think was I know my body and what I am capable of. The altitude really hit me hard after two days of being there. My stomach was gassy likes it's never been before. All I could hope for is it would be settled down before race day on Saturday as there was no way I could stomach the calories that were needed for a 104 mile ride. The hydration and amount of water I need to consume was unbelievable, I must have drank over 2 gallons of water a day, couldn't go 10min without drinking water.

Mick and Shawn
Mick and Shawn
Leadville 2012
Leadville 2012
It seemed everyone had advice for the the first timers. I listened and took it all in. Most of the advice was "be conservative and start easy" type of advice. The only piece of advice I listened to was give to me by Cole Chlober, who is Ken Cholbers(founder of the Leadville race series) 30 something year old son. He said "you are just young and dumb enough to go out hard", he said "use this to you advantage and get out front by the top of the first climb" I guess, that was the advice I want to hear, cause that was prolly the way I was going to ride it anyways.

Race day came, my stomach was a bit better after eating Gas-X the previous days, and race day was going to be no different. I was equipped with Chewable Gas-X tabs and ate 3 or 4 of them throughout the day. We started at 6:30am, I had 600 people in front of me having started at the front of the third corral. The fist four miles was slightly down hill paved road, making it very fast rolling without much effort. Mountain bikers are not as comfortable in the high speed, tight quarters as roadies may be, therefore, I took back lots of places there, moving up a few hundred at least. By the time I got to the top of the first climb I was hurting for sure. After the long fast decent came the first check point, 1hr 50min into the race and I later found out I was in 48th place at that point. As I now look at me split times at the check points, I was 48th, then 91st at the twin lakes-out check point, then at 4hrs 13min at the top of the 12,600ft Columbine Mine climb I was 110th, then twin lakes-in I drifted back to 163rd place overall. Friends and past racers told me the race "really starts" at mile 60(twin lakes-in station). Well apparently that's when I turned it on, cause the second to last aid station(pipe line-in) I had went from the 163rd place overall to 127th place at 5hrs 50mins, then took it in to the line, finishing 104th overall at 8hr 16min. Me as I come through the check points out on course start of the 2012 Leadville race
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