This coming weekend will be my first California State Crit Championship.  And being that crits are so huge out here, it aught to be one hell of a race.  My new team Herbalife LaGrange is hosting the race.  Stu press our team director wants us all to be present in the VIP area pre-race to meet and hang out with many of our sponsors.  I am looking forward to the hype and action of this wk ends race. There couldn't have been a better time nor a better team for me to join.

I am proud to be associated and working closely with Mike Faello at the Surf City Cyclery-Costa Mesa. Ask for Mike and tell him Shawn from SD Endurance Sports sent you.  They have a great selection of 2011 bikes being cleared out at discounted prices now.  Buy a bike and come join the SDES/Equinox cycling program today!

Wednesday, 10 August 2011 12:04


Shawn-Brentwood GP
Shawn-Brentwood GP

Here are a few pics from this past weekend at the Bentwood State Championships and some from the last few races.  I am still learning how to upload pics to this blog, so bare w me here.  It's not as easy as one may think.  I wanted to get some pics up of my new team.  You can read more about Herbalife LaGrange Racing. As for this past weekend at the Brentwood California State Crit Championships....Well, it was dam fast!  I believe the field was maxed out with 125 racers and only about 50-60 racers finished the race.  All the big SoCal pro teams were present with Cash Call and Skills Pista Palace dominating most of the race, as they have done all year out here. Eric Marcotte, overall winner of the race was Pista's man.  I was not able to do much other than hold on and try and keep myself to the front of the group.  There were 3 or 4 crashes, which I managed to be in front of all of them but 1, where i hit the breaks and just missed it. Brandon and Kyle were very active at the front going with the moves  as they tried to get away. Nothing stuck that day.  Brandon and Kyle both were in what looked to be promising, long lasting (and I know painful) breaks, but at the end they all came back.  Victor, who I do not have a pic of yet, seems to be riding the strongest as he placed top 10 in four or five of the resent Super week races. (A series of pro crit and road races with nearly 20 days strait of racing, all set in the Midwest. I hope to be doing some of those races nxt year with the team.   See some rider call ups from this years Super Week.

Thursday, 07 July 2011 17:09


This morning is a good morning.  As I sit here at Starbucks, catching up on the phone w my mom back in the HEAT of Texas, having some coffee, fixing to pick up a new friend, and thinking about the Brentwood State Crit Champs today...I AM THANKFUL!!!  I am thankful for the wonderful family I up and left behind in Dallas.  They have supported me through the hard times I have had over the past 8 months here in Cali.  Not supported me financially, which makes this all that much more worthwhile and sweat to see what I have and will create for myself here.  My mom, Lisa who loves me conditionally and is always there to talk to.  My dad, Mike who I would say got me in to cycling as he races mountain bikes back in Texas.  I remember when I would ride consistently for a while and build some fitness and have no problem keeping up with him.  Then I'd take time away from riding and be a crazy kid, drinking and partying.  When I would get back on the bike and couldn't keep up with drove me crazy!!!   I hated it!  One of these days soon where ever I am at...I will win a State Champion Ship jersey and give it to my dad so he can wear it as he does his riding with his buddies back home.  And my brother Brandon, who is a mechanic at Richardson Bike Mart in Dallas, he is that fun loving joker, always joking and getting himself into something crazy.  His latest venture is coming up in Aug in Texas.

Thursday, 21 July 2011 16:41


I recently up graded to a cat1 racers here in SoCal.  I am going to finish the season out with the Herbalife La Grange Elite Team.  They have some seasoned veteran racers I am looking forward to racing with and learn from.  Had a bad crash on Memorial day weekend at Barry Wolfe and just sorta dragged through the June races.  I new what I needed to do.  I needed a break mentally and physically.  And that I did-tonight will be my first race back in 3 or 4 wks.  Great Park Thur Nighter-here I come.

Thursday, 21 July 2011 16:40


I am currently putting together The SDES and Equinox outdoor cycling program.  We meet every Tuesday at 630am and ride from the parking garage at the Equinox/Newport Beach location.  Since I started there I have kicked around the idea of an outdoor cycling club.  All I heard from people was "oh, I would totally do that if Equinox had one".  Well!!!!

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