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The early season Socal races are coming to a close quickly. As always we have had fast races and lots of them. Ive been racing for the Bike Religion team this year. I have two cat 1 team mates, Andrew and Marcel. We have four cat 2 guys on the team, Rangle, Hunter, Marcus, and JVD. We have had a bit of success early season. At Valley of the Sun in Phoenix, AZ Rangle places 2nd in the cat 2 crit. I placed 7th in the the cat 1 road race moving my overall classification (GC lacing to 7th and eventually finishing 8th GC. The cat 2 guys went out to the Tucson Bicycle Classic where Rangle sprinted for another good result, placing 3rd in the road race. Rangle is someone I'm particularly proud of as I've seen him move up through the ranks as a mediocre cat 3 to at cat2 who was lost in the back of races barley finishing to someone who now can hang with the best and even dictate many of the races he enters. And I'm proud to say or would like to think that I've something to do with that as I've coached him over the past year or so.

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