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Friday, 05 August 2011 11:21

New Leaf Vo2max test w Wes Pedersen

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Hey guys, So yesterday I had my Vo2max tested on our New leaf machine. This was the second time I was tested on this machine. The first time was in November. It was then conducted on the treadmill, which was very strange to me. I tested at 64 or so then. I assumed that once I was tested on the bike, being more familiar with the it, it would be higher. However, it was about the same. So many variables par take in this. My fitness was most likely better in Nov than it is right now. I know you may be saying, what? Why?
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So far 10 players in the NFL have suffered from a rupture Achilles tendon this training camp. Do you think the lack of acclimation, progressive training and expedited training camp sessions have led to the increased injury rate? I say YES! Read more on this subject at NASM CETF

Let’s talk about this today. As a trainer/coach for the past 12 years SD Endurance Sports has witnessed and experienced many different methods and theories used and implemented by trainer/coaches with clients. First one must understand that 95% of clients do not know much at all as to proper movement and body alignment. And those clients who think they know what is best for them are wrong 90% of the time. As a trainer and coach the first step is instilling the TRUST factor with our client. They have to believe and trust we know what we are doing. From what I have experience if you gain that TRUST from your client they will do anything you tell them to do. You talk and they listen, this is not something you can gain from a client without real confidence, true knowledge of the subject, and a genuine scene of caring and taking a personal interest in them and their goals. Many clients today are more educated and successful business people, so BS-ing your way to gaining their trust most of the time will not work.
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