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Do what you love and you'll never work another day!

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The early season Socal races are coming to a close quickly. As always we have had fast races and lots of them. Ive been racing for the Bike Religion team this year. I have two cat 1 team mates, Andrew and Marcel. We have four cat 2 guys on the team, Rangle, Hunter, Marcus, and JVD. We have had a bit of success early season. At Valley of the Sun in Phoenix, AZ Rangle places 2nd in the cat 2 crit. I placed 7th in the the cat 1 road race moving my overall classification (GC lacing to 7th and eventually finishing 8th GC. The cat 2 guys went out to the Tucson Bicycle Classic where Rangle sprinted for another good result, placing 3rd in the road race. Rangle is someone I'm particularly proud of as I've seen him move up through the ranks as a mediocre cat 3 to at cat2 who was lost in the back of races barley finishing to someone who now can hang with the best and even dictate many of the races he enters. And I'm proud to say or would like to think that I've something to do with that as I've coached him over the past year or so.

I had some decent results at the Tour de Murrieta with a 15th TT, 6th in the crit and the following day a 9th in the circuit race, placing yet another 8th lace GC.

We just finished San Dimas stage race. Andrew and myself raced cat 1 and the others raced cat 2. I have raced this race the last two years as a cat 1 and the last I made it through the road race without getting time cut was three years ago when I was a cat 2. So needless to say, Its a fast and furious race that attracts teams and racers from all over the country. This year I knew I wouldn't have a problem making finishing the road race with the lead group as I'm feeling stronger and racing better than previous years. And that I did and I found myself starting the Sunday stage three crit with 99 other riders. (race started with 154 racers) The crit started fast as there were many top level pro teams present such as Kenda 5hr Energy, Jamis, KHS-Maxis, Jelly Belly, In Cycle predator, Athlete Octane, Horizon/Eienstein, Bissell development team and more. I felt great and right at home on the technical course. I was in a move of 8 guys early on and later made it into a move of 10 guys or so. pulling down the back stretch, intending to Ill all the way through the final turn a rider decided to come by on my outside and we clipped each other and both hit the deck at 25+ mph. Luckily the bike was OK, as was I other than a small dose of road rash. I typically have one crash a season. Some are worse than others, I hope this is my crash for the season. Knock on wood. I was able to get to the it, take my free lap and jump back into the break. We soon were caught by the field and I didn't have the mojo left to be to active after the crash. I did finish the race and our avg speed was almost 29mph.

The plans for the rest of the season is to rack up a few wins or two at some local races, race Tulsa Tough in June, Tour of Americas Dairyland in July, and YES... Leadville in Aug for my third time. I was not planning to race Leadville but my father qualified at a Leadville qualifier, the Austin Rattler in late March.

I'm really happy with my job at Bike Religion. I'm learning a lot about the bicycle shop and the industry as a whole. Who knows what opportunities await me in the future and where they might take me. I learned a valuable lesson at the young age of 18 when I started working as a personal trainer, if you follow you passion and do what you love, you will never work another day in your life. I worked as a personal trainer for 10 years and 7 of those years with 24 hour fitness, I loved it and was great at it because it was my passion, I breathed and slept fitness. The past three years Ive experienced a shift in what drives me, it's now bicycles, racing, and coaching athletes (although I take on very few athletes to coach). Ive found my way to the shop and the industry and the same feeling I once had with personal training is back. I dig it, love it, and will never settle for a job! I have a passion and it gets me paid.

"Onward" as Howard Schultz put it!!

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