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Improving cardiovascular preformance while droping body fat and/or weight

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As the 2012 race season quickly approaches...

Trying to lose weight and/or decrease BF while also introducing a cardiovascular performance enhancing routine can be tricky. You walk a fine line when trying to improve cardiovascular fitness and drop weight and/or body fat simultaneously. To drop weight you must put yourself in a caloric deficit by way of your calorie consumption, or lack there of. The low calorie dieting can be counter-productive to improving fitness if not done right. To improve cardiovascular fitness and performance one must properly recover from intense endurance workouts. Nutrition plays a major role in this. Don't be afraid of carbohydrates, especially before, during, and after hard workouts. The body primarily burns carbohydrate as fuel during cardiovascular activity, especially interval type training. We must restore our glycogen stores (carbohydrates) throughout and after these workout. When done right your body fat and weight will come down and your cardiovascular fitness and performance will improve.

Eat things like: Oatmeal, wheat bread/toast, yams/sweet potatoes, wheat pasta, and brown rice before and after your hard training sessions. Use "Gu type" product during workouts lasting longer than 60min. On your longer workouts begin consuming these products at the 30-45min mark and continue at that rate for duration of workout.

Protein is also crucial to aid in recovery. Eat things like: Eggs/egg whites, chicken, tuna, fish, turkey, and lean meats throughout your day. Have some protein pre-ride (eggs) and also post ride (protein shake with added carbs post ride is good, add fruit-there are plenty of powdered protein mixes that have carbohydrates available as well). Then get some complexed carbohydrates in 60-90min after the post ride shake. After that, you can skimp on the carbohydrates a bit.

The info above is basic. For more detailed information on this subject I recommend Racing Weight by Matt Fitzgerald.
Matt Fitzgerald
Matt Fitzgerald

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