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A cyclist priorities-ever changing

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Peace out 2011 road season
Peace out 2011 road season

As the 2011 road season draws to an end and I look back on the year thus far all I can say is...WOW, it flew by! Seems like I just moved here. Oct will be 1 year. The season with all things considered was a complete success. My goals were to move here and gain the second part of my Cat1 upgrade points, get my name out there and meet as many people as I could, and work on landing a good team for the 2012 season. I met all of those and will be racing with the Herbalife LaGrange team next year. I would have liked to land some better placings in some races but that would have been a bonus. I had a good amount of top 10 finishes in the Cat1/2 races. Next year will be my year for some wins, I feel it!!!

Cresting the hill top at the San dimas rr-hurt every time
Cresting the short punchy climb lap after lap at San Dimas
Oh, and the weight I carried this season. I raced 10lbs heavier this year as I did in 2010. I credit that to the move and comfort eating. I have a huge area of opportunity in my upper body mass. Dropping some of the weight will be a bigger priority in Jan and Feb prior in this upcoming season. Having my threshold power up will also be high priority next year. I will use the early season road races and stage races along with threshold training to get it there. Then as late March, April, and May roll around I'll be all about the crit races. That's the plan as I sit here in this moment, but we all know how that goes.
The fam back in Dallas
The fam back in Dallas
As for now, my focus will shift for a few months. I will start this shift by taking a week off work and heading back to Dallas in Sept to see my family for the first time since I moved here in Oct of last year. For my training, still have not decided if I want to do some running or not. Past few years I ran a couple half marathons. I will commute to work a good bit on the bike. I'll do some epic mountain bike rides, plenty of 100mile rides in the mountains on the road bike, and a few cyclocross races just so I don't forget about the pain of racing bicycles. And of course there will be plenty of long chill rides getting to know some of the guys I met during the season. The winter months is when you really get to know guys. Less testosterone flowing it seems-ha, sadly thats prolly true in more ways than I intended it to be.. Guys are more relaxed and have less of an agenda. Good times. My main priority will be personal training at the gym, focus on SD Endurance Sports, and GIRLS. haha.
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