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Surf City Cyclery, Costa Mesa and Herbalife Nutritional Products

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I am proud to be associated and working closely with Mike Faello at the Surf City Cyclery-Costa Mesa. Ask for Mike and tell him Shawn from SD Endurance Sports sent you.  They have a great selection of 2011 bikes being cleared out at discounted prices now.  Buy a bike and come join the SDES/Equinox cycling program today!


I am also excited to be taking and distributing Herbalife nutritional products.  I placed my order on Saturday and received the order yesterday (Tue).  To be honest, I am not a huge fan of supplement companies.  They thrive on marketing by skinny anorexic models and juiced up meat head bodybuilders.  It's all about the marketing and flashy bling bling.  With that said, I do take multi-vits, anti-oxidants, multi-minerals, and re hydrating electrolyte replacements at times or thing such as cycto-max and the like.  I believe one can take a descent product at a reasonable price that is just as good as the newest, hottest thing out.  Supplements and vitamins absolutely have there place in our daily regimens.  Eat right, sleep well, hydrate, stay active, and treat your body right.   Balanced that with proper training, rest, and some good supplement products to give you that extra edge and help aid in getting the right nutrients absorbed and utilized by the body at the ideal time for recovery and you will be WINNING in no time.  Stay tuned for the updates on these products as I have started my regime. Good products and at a descent price is what were looking for.  We don't need to pay extra for some flashy blingy new product that's the same as the rest of it anyways.  Check out the Herbalife 24 line here


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